Colonial Grandfather Clock

Even though many people choose to have modern looking digital clocks in their homes nowadays, you really can’t beat the craftsmanship and beauty of a Colonial Grandfather Clock. In fact, they aren’t just timepieces, but works of art in many cases!

The Colonial Grandfather Clock goes by a variety of names including coffin clock, floor clock, tall case clock, and long case clock. Generally speaking, they are tall clocks that are freestanding and pendulum-centered. They can be wound by either a key or a combination of chains and ropes.

Most Colonial Clocks have clear glass cases that allow you to see their pendulum, cables, and chains. Although some reach a height of 8 feet, it is also possible to find those that also hang on the wall as well. These can be wonderful accents if you simply lack the space for a larger unit.

You can almost guarantee that a Colonial Clock is going to be beautifully constructed. The antique grandfather clock varieties are generally built out of mahogany or oak and were designed to last for generations. In fact, they have become heirlooms. The more modern day reproductions are sometimes found in lime wood, pine, and cherry and can be just as lovely. They also tend to be less expensive as well.

The wood and metal craftsmanship is what sets these clocks apart from their counterparts. Intricate carvings and adornments typically cover the waist, hood, and base, although the beauty of the metal can’t be overlooked either. When the chains, pendulum, and other metal pieces are beautifully polished they will appear to shine through the glass case that they are enclosed in.

Some Colonial Clocks come with moon dials and other added features that set them apart. It’s not uncommon to find a beveled glass door, for instance, or fluted columns in the front. Silver dials and brass faces are also popular.

If you don’t like the idea of looking at the inner workings of the clock you can also find those that do not come with glass fronts. These can be equally as lovely in a different way and might be preferable to those that lack the time to clean the metal pieces of their timepiece.

A gorgeous Colonial Grandfather Clock can be an added asset to any room of your house and you shouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a conversation piece as well as a timepiece. Although it’s meant to keep accurate time, you will undoubtedly discover that it’s a beautiful accessory to your home as well. Those that are crafted well can last for generations to come and be passed down as heirlooms for your entire family to enjoy. It’s an investment that can last for many lifetimes.